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  Greek pilgrims from Miletus founded the ancient city of Tira, now known as Belgorod-Dnestrovsky, in the 4th century B. C. At the crossroads of a major east-west and north-south trade route, many historical influences were brought here during the centuries. Your Full-day excursion affords the opportunity for an in-depth explorations of this fascinating region.

  Your excursion begins with a drive through Odessa. As you head out of the city, you will see some of its major landmarks. Soon, you will be in the countryside, passing some of the rich farmland for which the Ukraine is so well known. During your 90-minute journey, your guide will explain the region's rich history. Arriving in Belgorod-Dnestrovsky, your first stop is the town's medieval-style fortress. Moldavian and Ukrainian engineers built the walls in the first part of the 15th century to protect against impending invasion from the expanding Ottoman Empire. The ramparts, with a circumference of about a mile and a half, are remarkably well preserved. Leaving the fort, continue to the ancient site of Tira. Kimmeranian, Scythian, Sarmat and Cossack burial mounds have been found here along with ancient temples. Excavations continue to unearth the ancient time. Enjoy lunch in a local restaurant.

Full-day excursion (about 90 km from Odessa).


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